Trading 101は、世界中のトレーダーに、取引方法を学ぶための必要なリソースを提供するだけでなく、取引先はどこがベストかを決定することも目標としています。



Trading 101 aims to provide all traders from around the world with the resources they need to learn how to trade, but also to decide who it’s best to trade with.All our Learning Resources are available in 10 languages, and are continually growing. Watch Video Tutorials and learn how to trade, straight from your phone!At Trading 101, we believe that education is an essential foundation and vital weapon for any Professional Trader who wants to make real money in the Financial Markets. Whether you are a forex trader who trades in the foreign exchange market, or a stock trader investing in the stock market, Trading101 will provide you with trading strategies, risk tolerance advice, and trading tools and indicators which will help you in buying stocks online, and identifying trends in the currency market and stock market. We provide our users with a Learning Center, consisting of Video Tutorials, Webinars, Trading Signals, Market News, and Trading Guides, along with a Brokers Ratings and Reviews page. All this is given for FREE to all our registered users.Be the first to know about the industries latest news, press releases, and exclusive promotions for FREE!


We give a lot of emphasis on being independent, so we can highlight the positives and negatives of every broker, along with advice for traders so they have an edge on what broker to choose.


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