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Ameritrade was founded back in 1971 in the US, and has since then become one of the biggest Financial Services Company in the world, with more than 7 million funded Client Accounts, and more than $3 Billion in Revenues annually.

The Company is licensed and regulated in the US by the CFTC and the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

In 2009, Ameritrade acquired the 'thinkorswim' Platform, which is one of the most awarded Trading Platforms, offering options, stocks and forex trading, for both retail and institutional clients.

Ameritrade is actually one of the founders of the online trading industry, as it was the first Broker to introduce the concept of Online Client Registration, and was also the first Broker to execute an online trade back in 1994.


TD Ameritrade evolved into what it is today from a company called First Omaha Securities, founded in 1971, which took advantage of the Securities and Exchange Commission’s decision to eliminate the practice of fixed brokerage commissions back in May 1, 1975.

The brokerage firm is based in Omaha, Nebraska, and the letters TD are derived from Toronto-Dominion Bank, which happens to be the largest shareholder of the company, which offers both retail and institutional financial services.

The company ran its IPO (Initial Public Offering), in March 1997 whilst combining its various brokerage units into one broker dealer, Ameritrade, Inc., and launched its first national advertising campaign, complete with a pricing philosophy that continues today.

Ameritrade was involved in a lot of innovative milestones reached in the industry today, such as gaining credit for executing the first online trade in 1994, launching the industry’s first trade execution guarantee of 10 seconds, but also managing to bring the entire account opening process online for the first time in the beginning of the millennium.

Ameritrade is regulated by the CFTC, and is also listed publicly on NASDAQ under the ticker AMTD.

Ameritrade Products

Ameritrade offers a wide array of Investment Products which are sure to satisfy the appetite of all kinds of investors. Something to note is the fact that Ameritrade offers a staggering 131 different forex pairs!

Ameritrade Products
Ameritrade Products

Apart from the typical Forex, Stocks and Options offered by the majority of Brokers, Ameritrade consolidates Investment Products offered by other individual brokers, and manages to offer Managed Portfolios, Mutual Funds, ETFs, and more through its thinkorswim platform.

Ameritrade Account Types

Ameritrade offers quite a lot of Account Types for clients, businesses and even Trusts to choose from. Due to the plethora of products and services offered by the Broker, several Account Types are available to choose from as shown by the screenshot below.

The amount of choices are actually so many that many of our readers have deemed them confusing.

Ameritrade Account Types
Ameritrade Account Types

Ameritrade Platforms

Perhaps the most impressive thing about TD AmeriTrade is it’s prized desktop platform ‘thinkorswim’. The platform may be the best thing that’s happened to technical analysts who feed on charts and indicators.

The platform has embedded some very fascinating features to assist traders, such as a live economic calendar, tickers, recent market news, a CNBC TV window to stay up to date with all market news, along with links to access the platforms most popular tools.

thinkorswim Platform
thinkorswim Platform

Through the thinkorswim platform, clients are able to choose to trade from 131 different forex pairs, and have access to more than 400 technical indicators, which can all be modified and clustered as desired through the thinkScripts Tool.

All the above are also a part of the thinkorswim mobile app for Android, which has also adopted some innovative features such as fingerprint trade authorization, advanced group orders, and more.

Lastly, Ameritrade has also included Social Features by introducing multiple chat rooms for traders to discuss their trading ideas, whilst also including adding myTrade which allows clients to see what others are trading. 

Ameritrade Promotions

Ameritrade offers Traders 60 days of commission-free trading depending on deposits. The diagram below highlights the deposit range in order for someone to qualify.

Ameritrade Promotions
Ameritrade Promotions


Ameritrades' website is one of the best we have come across in the industry, as it is very clear and precise.

The company manages to pass its message which is quite a big one due to the different types of products they offer, nevertheless they do an amazing job in doing so.

Apart from company information, and registration forms, Ameritrade also offers Market News and Stock Info which are easily accessible by entering a Keyword or Stock in the Menu Search Bar. 

Ameritrade Deposits/Withdrawals

There is no minimum amount required to open an Account with Ameritrade, however a $2,000 deposit is required, in order to be considered for margin and options privileges, regardless of any promotional offer.

Ameritrade Deposit Methods
Ameritrade Deposit Methods

The Payment Methods offered by Ameritrade are very different to the typical ones found in European Brokers, however ACH is widely used in the US, and is highly efficient.

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