Two of The Best Success Stories from Investing in Digital Currencies

by Andrew McGuinness     Jul 16, 2019

Those who have invested in digital currencies constantly brag about the profits they’ve made since the moment they decided to take the plunge. Over the past few years, particularly since 2015, a large variety of digital currencies has proven to be worth investing in, providing their investors with consistent, staggering profits. Many people who have not invested but have been familiar with digital currency are kicking themselves for not having taken a leap into the market sooner, when investing was at least somewhat cheaper. Why, you ask? Well, all investors may have turned over a profit, but a few people in particular have actually become wealthy and successful due to their rather small investments in cryptocurrency. Here are two of the most astounding success stories of digital currency investors:

1. Kristoffer Koch

When Bitcoins were first created in 2009, the then student, Kristoffer Koch, decided to go out on a limb and invest $26.60 on 5000 Bitcoins. He came across Bitcoins while he was doing research for his thesis, which focused primarily on the topic of encryption. This was the moment that he stumbled upon the world of cryptocurrencies, and the moment that would change his life forever.

At the time, Bitcoin was at its beginning stages, which is obvious when you consider how little this student had to pay in order to purchase 5000 coins of cryptocurrency. Because of this, believe it or not, Kristoffer Koch had completely forgotten about the investment. This was until four years later, in 2013, when he recalled the fact that he may have invested a very small amount of money in a little something called Bitcoin.

The reason why he happened to remember was due to the fact that, in 2013, Bitcoin first began to see its first days of hype and media coverage due to its substantial growth and popularity. The problem was, his money was not accessible without a password.

Obviously, having forgotten about the investment altogether until everyone else began to talk about Bitcoin, Kristoffer did not have his password particularly handy. After many failed attempts, however, he succeeded at logging in. Kristoffer Koch’s investment of $26.60 in 2009 had become a whopping $886,000 in a matter of four years. Encryption ended up being a very worthwhile topic of research for this student.

2. Tim Enneking

A hedge fund manager and current managing director of Crypto Asset Management, Tim Enneking first became involved in the cryptocurrency market within the very early stages of Bitcoin. The way in which he became involved was through his running of The Bitcoin Fund, which consisted of the purchase and sale of Bitcoin.

Enneking didn’t believe that Bitcoin would reach the heights of fiat currencies because the idea of another currency being widely used within shops, both online and offline, was simply unfathomable. However, he still decided to cling onto some sense of hope that Bitcoin might make it big. Tim Enneking now holds the performance record for Bitcoin funds, at 5,556.39 percent.

In order to better understand digital currency, Tim chose to delve deeper into the nature of Bitcoin in comparison to that of fiat currencies (which he doubted could have any competition). This was until, after looking into the fraudulent capabilities of fiat currencies, Enneking realized one huge benefit of Bitcoin and other digital currencies: fraud and scams aren’t part of the anatomy of cryptocurrencies. This means guaranteed transactions to businesses whose greatest fears include fraudulent payments and scam artist customers. Even though it took him a while to believe in the power and possibilities that digital currency has to offer, Tim Enneking eventually became one of the most successful investors because of it.

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