Blue Chip Stocks You Should Consider Investing in

by Andrew McGuinness     Jul 16, 2019

It’s easy to become lost in the world of investing, being constantly surrounded by the countless opportunities to invest in stocks and purchase shares. The problem is, many inexperienced investors might jump into the market completely unaware of what they are doing and where their money is going.

In order for a trader to decide wisely where to invest their funds, Trading101 says research is key. Research the stocks on the market, patterns and trends that show signs of potential and the status of companies in comparison to their colleagues. This, of course, involves an extensive amount of time and work. So, rather than being left to research prospective investments on your own, here are a couple of blue chip stocks that are bound to be a good investment for traders looking to expand their portfolio today.

1. Apple Inc. (AAPL)

The first $1 trillion corporation on the market, Apple is well worth the investment of any investor, experienced or otherwise. It should be considered an essential asset to any portfolio and would be of particular benefit to consider when diversifying your portfolio. The stability and profits Apple has seen and continues to allow its investors to enjoy are proof of the fact it will help not only balance but raise the capital of your diversified portfolio.

2. Goldman Sachs Group (GS)

Goldman Sachs Group is not only worth over $10 billion, its earnings are substantial, sales have grown steadily over the past 5 years, and revenue may amount to over 10%. It is among the top 30 companies valued at over $10 billion in a list of 688. In other words, Goldman Sachs Group is the cream of the crop. If you are looking to invest into something stable, steadily growing, and worthy of a long-term investment, this is where you should put your money.

3. Visa Inc.

Visa is among the 15 best public companies in terms of value. It is difficult to find a more profitable American company than this one. It leads in terms of market shares for a company concerned with credit cards, reaching 323 million current customers, hovering over MasterCard’s mere 191 million.

It has a 0.8% dividend that has been growing steadily over the past nine years. It is involved in a consolidated industry, but this does not stop it from developing and continuing to grow as time passes. If you are looking for high returns over an extended period of time, Visa is the right place for you to invest your funds.

4. Texas Instruments (TXN)

Texas Instruments was first developed in 1930. It has had plenty of time to prove itself, gain stability, maintain that stability, and grow a substantial amount, and that it has. Currently, Texas Instruments is valued at $100 billion. However, there are no signs of Texas Instruments halting in terms of growth. As far as analysts are concerned, revenue is still set to rise 11.8% as well as EPS growing to reach 31% by 2018.

The dividend for Texas Instruments has not only been stable, but has improved over the span of 13 years, never tripping up in that time. If you are looking for the closest thing to a guarantee of stability, growth, and profit, Texas Instruments is the company for you. Shareholders consistently enjoy high returns with Texas Instruments, rising at a rate of 29% combined growth each year.

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