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Fundamental Analysis

by Instructor
Avramis Despotis

Course Information

  • ENROLLED 1777 students

  • DURATION 6 hrs

  • LEVEL Beginner


Are you a Beginner in Forex?



This course covers concepts that will be crucial to your success as an investor or trader.

Expect more complex concepts and terminologies as we cover topics that are essential in a successful trader’s arsenal.

The impact of interest rates, inflation, economic growth, financial statements of a company on assets such as individual stocks, bonds, and different commodities will be discussed extensively. You will also learn why a stock’s price is not necessarily reflective of its ‘real’ value.

By the end of this course, you should be able to understand why it is important to study all relevant factors that affect the economy, market, or asset to determine an asset’s (e.g. stock) intrinsic value.

This is designed for traders of all levels – it can help rookies with the fundamentals and it can help veterans improve their trading skills.

What you get

Why fundamental analysis is the cornerstone of investing

The value of analyzing on a “macroeconomic” or “microeconomic” level

What is a stock’s “intrinsic value”

The effect of interest rates and inflation on the economy

How central banks affect the market

Understand why economic growth is the most watched economic indicator

The value of financial statement analysis of a company

Understand why debt is a crucial element in the evaluation of a company

Course Curriculum


Welcome to the course! This module expounds on what fundamental analysis is and why it is the ‘cornerstone of investing.’ An overview of the difference between macroeconomic and microeconomic analysis will be also be discussed. This will serve as a foundation for the fundamental analysis course.

18 Mins

This module expounds on the factors that are included when evaluating an asset (e.g. commodities, bonds, currencies, stock indices) on a macro level. You can expect to learn how interest rates, inflation, economic growth, politics, and national sentiment affect the economy and market (and valuation of assets, indirectly) as a whole.

33 Mins

This module expounds on the importance of a company’s balance sheet, income statement, and cash flow statement in evaluating if its individual stocks or corporate bonds are a worthwhile investment. You can expect to learn how to make more informed trading decisions based on a company’s financial statements.

27 Mins




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