XM’s Grand Charity Tour in Nepal

by Anthony     jul. 16, 2019

Posted on April 18, 2017 at 9:35 am GMT.

"Humanity is extremely important to us at XM and so we have joined forces with ‘The Rhea Foundation’ which is a registered NGO organization under European regulations..

The Rhea Foundation’s aim is to take hands-on action to improve underprivileged areas around the world with the help of individuals and other organizations. Necessities are delivered to people in remote areas where traditional means of transport cannot reach by the team along with providing food, water and shelter to the less fortunate.

One of the things many people take for granted today is simply slipping on a pair of shoes in the morning; sound familiar? There are over 300 million children who do not own a pair of shoes and over 2 billion suffering from soil-transmitted diseases because they cannot protect their feet. Remember this the next time you are disappointed because they do not have your favourite shoe in your size on your shopping trip this weekend.

So what is the solution?

The Rhea foundation are assisting ‘Because International’ which is an NGO organization that develops a ‘shoe-that-grows’ which allows individuals to protect their feet with an innovative shoe which adjusts as they grow.

The team have already taken on many Humanitarian missions across Tanzania, Africa and are returning to Nepal where they will deliver a large quantity of shoes, t-shirts, monk robes and other every day necessities. The purpose of this grand charity tour is not only to deliver shoes and clothing to people of Nepal, but the team will be making cash donations to monasteries, orphanages, schools and villages with XM’s help as the point is to make many changes, not just one.

3 members of the Rhea Foundation; Socrates Rossides, Nicolas Nicolaou and Constandinos Nicolaou will be leading the 15 day trek across Nepal along with the assistance of Pem Dorje who was previously a Monk in Nepal and retired to explore. Pem now is an active humanitarian bringing supplies and food to Monks in the monasteries across Nepal.

This cause is one that XM is very passionate about and we kindly ask anyone who is interested in making a difference in the world to donate as little/much as you can to help change the lives of those in poverty."

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