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Cach LLC Company Overview

Cach LLC was founded on located in Denver, Colorado, and is owned by SquareTwo Financial Corporation. Cach LLC is one of the biggest debt buyers in the United States.

Debt buyers essentially buy debts from certain Companies or Financial Institutions at a much lower price than the actual value of that debt. What that means is, if Client A owes Company B an amount of $100,000, a Debt Buyer would sweep in and buy that debt for something much lower, at let's say $60,000. Company B realizes a loss of $40,000, but at least has collected the $60,000 instead of being dragged to court for a long period of time. It's also important to note that Financial Institutions usually want to avoid adverse media about court battles with people who cannot pay their debts as it can damage their reputation.

The debt buyer on the other hand, will employ various tactics in order to retrieve as much as they can of original value of the debt, that being $100,000 in the example above, and therefore make a profit. As debt buyers have a specific purpose, which is that of collecting debt, they are not really bothered about having a bad reputation. On the contrary, they actually strive when they have bad reputations as it can drive fear into debtors in order to pay off their debts.

Cach LLC Tactics

Cash LLC focused mostly on acquiring credit card debts. The company is known to be extremely aggressive when it comes to debt collection by hiring law firms and third party debt collectors whoes aim is to collect as much of the debt as possible.

Debt collectors usually use all methods they can to retrieve a debt, ranging from telephone call, lawsuit threats, and even showing up at your house. These are all aggressive tactics that do work in scaring people into paying their debts.

Cach specifically tries to collect its debt portfolio through two different models:

Debt Collection: There are many reports on companies such as Fresh Start, which are contracted by Cach LLC in order to collect debts.

Litigation Collection: Cach is very well known to immediately sue people in order to collect their debt,as people fear the burden of attorney costs in addition to the actual debt to be paid. Another thing Cach is well known for is their

Steps to follow if you've been sued by Cach LLC

If you've been already sued by Cach LLC, chances are that the company has sued you for the amount of debt you owe, as well as additional interest for late payment and attorney and court fees. Such a lawsuit would be delivered to you in person.

It is important to note that the next steps are crucial. If you do not respond to the lawsuit, it is most likely that Cach will try to instigate a default judgement. This means that they may try to freeze money in your bank account can be frozen, or they can seize

Cach LLC Bankruptcy

On the 19th of March 2017, Square Two Financial Limited filed for bankruptcy. As such, most of the companies subsidiaries and assets, were sold to Resurgent Capital Services.

How to beat Cach LLC in Court?

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