Economic Calendar

Economic Calendar

No matter if it's Forex trading between two different cultures who are always going back and forth for dominance or cryptocurrency trading between the current market leader and the next big thing, smart investors know that the best way to ensure that they'll be making the smartest and most profitable trades that they can is to stay ahead of the curve. But what's the best way to keep up with what's going on in each individual market before heading online to do your Forex trading for the day? Instead of pouring over a seemingly unlimited number of online news sources, sign up for an account with Trading 101 to access our comprehensive economic calendar that will keep you in the know and armed with the information that you need to make every Forex trading or stock trading day your best one yet.

When you sign up for an account with Trading 101, you will get access to our online economic calendar that will keep you informed on the most important world events that will impact your Forex trading profile in the coming days, weeks, and even months. Each day, we comb the web, searching for the news and upcoming events that you'll need to know about to predict how the market will move, and compile them all together in one single place for your review daily. We don't limit ourselves to one singular news source, and we pride ourselves on staying independent, so Trading 101 can bring you the whole truth and nothing but the truth without the political motivation of some other sites. We even monitor international news sites, so our economic calendar is updated and modern every time you click to read. See something that concerns you or makes you want to buy? No problem; simply click on an upcoming event to quickly compare the currency pairs or Forex trading rules that will be effected by the news or event in question and click "trade now" to take advantage of the market. With a few simple clicks, you'll be on your way to smarter Forex trading, stock trading, and cryptocurrency trading. Your friends will wonder if you've got a magic genie in your corner.

What makes Trading 101 different from other economic forecasting sites? We're much more than a simple calendar tool. Trading 101 is a unique haven for beginner traders, and offers you a massive collection of video tutorials, ebooks, daily trading tips, and expert analysis, right at the touch of your fingers. Trading 101 was built with beginner traders in mind, so all of our information is assessable and easy to understand, written using simple language that even someone who has never participated in Forex trading or cryptocurrency trading can understand. Ongoing webinar series run by some of the most forefront professionals in the stock trading fields also help to make sure that you always have the right information that you need to trade effectively. The best part? Access won't cost you a penny...simply sign up for an account and get started today.

No matter how you slice it, Trading 101 does more to make sure that you're on top of the Forex trading game. There's never been a more profitable time to step into the Forex trading game. If you have ever been curious about stock trading or currency trading, there's no reason to put off learning more and reaching your true trading potential. Now is the time to log in and grab an account with Trading 101. There's no excuse because it's absolutely free. Gain access to our economic calendar and vast library of learning resources with a few clicks, and get started working your way to the life that you've always dreamed of living. There future is just need to grab it, and Trading 101 will be here to guide you to success. 

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