Best Marijuana Digital Currencies on the Market

von Andrew McGuinness     Juli 16, 2019

Carrying out transactions for those interested in buying or selling weed in the real world is incredibly inconvenient and difficult. Cryptocurrencies, however, have allowed marijuana transactions to flow safely and smoothly without federal involvement. Despite the fact bitcoin was widely used to carry out these transactions for a long period of time, a few years ago several marijuana cryptocurrencies began hitting the market. Here is a list of the top four pot currencies currently on the market.

1. PotCoin (POT)

Potcoin was among the first marijuana cryptocurrencies to the market, created in January 2014. It was originally developed in order to avoid banking issues that were being faced while completing legal marijuana transactions. Once weed was finally legalized in Colorado, PotCoin tried to take advantage of this fact by putting a PotCoin ATM into a dispensary there.

Not much happened with PotCoin from then until June 2017. It was just as unremarkable as countless other alternative coins for years, However, on June 12, 2017 everything would change with one advertisement. NBA player Dennis Rodman was wearing a PotCoin shirt during both a press release and on a video while in North Korea. PotCoin actually provided funds for Rodman’s North Korea trip, which was the decision that sent it to reach the heights it enjoys today. The company increased 76% in value in a single day after this event and it is currently worth nearly $66.7 million. There are 420 million potcoins in existence, 217 of which are circulating.

2. CannabisCoin (CANN)

A couple of months after PotCoin was created, CannabisCoin came into fruition in 2014. It was originally created in order to simplify transactions concerning weed for medical marijuana dispensaries. It was a trending coin when it first came out, but its fame was short-lived before it began disappointing its investors. After a while of facing the fact that it was no longer popular and had little to offer the market, CannabisCoin began developing medicines and weed strains under the brand name CANNdy that could easily be exchanged for the coin. The exchange rate was 1 CannabisCoin per gram. 77 Million coins are currently in circulation, and CannabisCoin is now valued at $25.8 million.

3. DopeCoin (DOPE)

Founded just a month after PotCoin, in February 2014, DopeCoin is yet another marijuana cryptocurrency that has reached success. DopeCoin was created in order to provide international marijuana aficionados with a place and method to safely purchase weed, as well as a reliable platform for marijuana farmers and growers to sell their products. Dopecoin has 117 million coins currently in circulation and is valued at almost $23 million.

4. HempCoin (THC)

While HempCoin was also created in 2014 along with the previous coins on our list, the reason for its creation was slightly different. HempCoin was developed with the intention to help medical dispensaries as well as the farming industry rather than individuals buying and selling products.

It was created in order to simplify transactions between farm and store, allowing the relationship between the two to be closer, with no third parties involved in the transactions between them. This actually concerns weed as well as other agricultural products. HempCoin is valued at $127 million on the market, the highest value of all cryptocurrencies on this list. Not only is it seen as a top competitor when it comes to marijuana cryptocurrencies, however, it is seen as one of the top cryptocurrencies period. HempCoin is number 148 on the list of biggest digital currencies on the market.

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