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DX Exchange is a newly established digital assets exchange that was founded in 2017. An EU regulated exchange, DX Exchange is one of the few handfuls of exchanges that support the trading of cryptocurrencies with fiat currencies. However the exchange goes one step further from other exchange with its introduction of Smart Leverage Tokens (SLTs). Also known as “Turbo Tokens”, SLTs allow investors to invest in cryptocurrencies without having to resort to borrowing funds. Investors can instead trade on margin without having to face the risk of forced liquidation. DX Exchange is operated by Coins Marketplace Technologies and uses the Nasdaq matching system to offer enhance performance and secure trading.

DX Exchange Introduction

With its head office located in Tallinn, Estonia, DX Exchange is headed by one of its cofounder CEO Daniel Skowronski. The exchange is owned and managed by Coins Marketplace Technologies OU, a company licensed by the Estonian MKM. The regulated status of Coins Marketplace Technologies OU is also one of the key strength of DX Exchange as it is one of the very few digital assets exchanges around the world that is regulated in the chaotic cryptocurrency trading industry. Another key strength of DX Exchange is the technology behind the trading platform. As mentioned earlier, DX Exchange uses the Nasdaq price matching engine. This means that while the exchange is newly established, the technology behind the platform has been proven reliable and trustworthy. These two key factors help to lend DX Exchange a foundation of legitimacy.

DX Exchange Products

As a licensed Fiat to Crypto and Crypto to Crypto exchange, DX Exchange offers a wider range of trading products than most other digital assets exchanges in the market today. The exchange supports purchases of cryptocurrencies with fiat currencies as well as cryptocurrencies purchases. Current support for fiat and cryptocurrencies include the following:

  • BTC
  • ETH
  • EUR
  • GBP
  • JPY
  • USD
  • USDT
  • LTC

In addition, DX Exchange also supports stock trading with tokens. The exchange plans to offer at least 10 types of stock trading for major companies such as Amazon.com, Apple Inc., Facebook, Microsoft, Netflix, and Nvidia through the use of securitized tokens.

DX Exchange Trading Conditions

DX Exchange offers a more simplistic approach for trading conditions. Investors on the exchange can choose between paying a monthly membership fee which can be as low as $10 per month or a trading volume fee.

DX Exchange Account Types

As for the types of account that are available at DX Exchange, they come in the form of the standard account and DXCash account.

DX Exchange Commissions & Fees

As mentioned earlier, Investors on the DX Exchange have the option to opt for a monthly membership fee or a trading volume fee plan. For a monthly fee of 10 euros, all trades up to a total value of 50,000 euros will be exempt from any trading charges.

For the trading volume plan, investors are charged based on the volume traded as well as on the type of trading account.

DX Exchange Platforms and Tools

For the trading platform, DX Exchange uses the proven Nasdaq’s matching system as part of its trading platform infrastructure. With the Nasdaq’s matching engine, DX Exchange is able to offer investors with a reliable pricing mechanism as well as pricing transparency. In addition, they can be assured of trading with an exchange that comply with the highest standards of the financial trading industry.

Is DX Exchange Mobile Friendly?

Apart from the web based platform, DX Exchange also offers access through mobile apps for Android and iOS powered devices. With these mobile apps installed onto your smartphone, you have the freedom to trade on the DX Exchange from anywhere in the world.

DX Exchange Promotions

DX Exchange currently does not have any kinds of promotional offers.

DX Exchange Deposits & Withdrawals

For deposits and withdrawals of funds, DX Exchange offers 3 main methods namely through bank wire transfer, major credit cards and token. For transactions involving tokens, you are required to have your own personal wallet to facilitate token deposits and withdrawals. Withdrawals at DX Exchange can also be done through the same methods that you use for making a deposit. It should be noted account holders are also required to verify their identity due to KYC protocols.

DX Exchange Customer Support

For customer support, DX Exchange only offers support through the support ticket and live chat system. There is no email support or telephone support. Nevertheless the quality of support offered by DX Exchange is of a higher standard than what most other digital exchanges are able to offer their clients.

DX Exchange Research and Education

Like most exchanges in the industry, DX Exchange does not have any kind of research support or trading education.

Noteworthy Points to mention for DX Exchange

DX Exchange differs from most digital asset exchanges existing in the industry today due to its regulated status. The exchange currently is licensed by the Estonian Financial Intelligence Unit. The license covers the exchange of cryptocurrencies against fiat currencies and well as for the firm to provide cryptocurrency wallet services. Another key point of the DX Exchange is the support for direct purchases of cryptocurrencies with fiat currencies. In addition, DX Exchange is one of the selected few digital exchanges around the world that is authorized to use the Nasdaq matching engine technology. Finally, DX Exchange offers unique fee plans whereby investors can decide if they opt for a membership based fee or a trading volume based fee.

Conclusion for DX Exchange

As DX Exchange was newly established, much of what we know about the exchange comes from interviews with the CEO Skowronski. In addition due to its young age, it is difficult for us to gauge how well the exchange is able to deliver on its promises. Nevertheless, the fact that the exchange is properly regulated by the Estonian Financial Intelligence Unit lends it an air of legitimacy in the chaotic world of crypto trading. Only time can tell how well DX Exchange will be able to live up to its commitments to its clients.

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