XM Donates to Charity for Slum Kids Foundation

by Anthony     Jul 16, 2019

Posted on June 21, 2017 at 7:39 am GMT

"On June 15th 2017, representative members of the XM Team visited Slum Kids Foundation in Bangkok, Thailand, for a one-day charity event, where a donation was made to help children with all the basic necessities they lack for a healthy life standard. During the event, food, medicine and clothing was donated to the foundation – all meant to alleviate the desperate situation of children caused by poverty and human negligence.

Slum Kids Foundation comprises four day care centres and privately run day care homes, which were established to provide sustainable care, education and a safe shelter for children aged four months to five years old whose parents suffer of drug addiction, or cannot sufficiently provide for their children.

For XM, who has the merit of taking an active part in social responsibility, donating food and medical supplies to Slum Kids Foundation is more than just a gesture of generosity – it is a genuine act for the benefit of those who need support for a better life.

During the charity event, the XM team members could connect with both the children and the relatives who accompanied them to the one-day programme, as well as get an insight into how Slum Kids Foundation works and what values it represents. This meant a fulfilling experience to all those present, which can be also viewed in the photos taken on the premises."

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